Exceptionally Responsive

Our law firm has used ITS to manage its IT infrastructure for almost 10 years. Kelly and his team are exceptionally responsive to address urgent situations, immediately responding to urgent emails, texts and phone calls, making sure that we stay up and running. More importantly, ITS proactively maintains our infrastructure, keeping us healthy for the long term. And as our business needs change, ITS works with us to make sure that our IT infrastructure is consistent with those needs. We have the utmost trust in Kelly and his team to make time-sensitive, cost-efficient decisions, keeping us up and running, and allowing us to run our business in the best way possible.

Matthew B.

Easily The Best IT Solutions Firm I’ve Worked With

ITS can do it ALL and their customer service is top notch. In addition to quickly and patiently assisting our staff with any computer quirks, they do an excellent job of monitoring our network, managing our phone system and advising us of potential threats. ITS also acts as a valuable IT consultant to us regarding hardware and software upgrades and implementation recommendations, network structure, and outside IT vendor management and project supervision. They deliver exactly what we need, each and every time, without exception – they’re easily the best full-service IT solutions firm I’ve worked with across the Silicon Valley and Central Coast.

Leah B. Project Manager

The Most Qualified and Honest Company I Have Ever Worked With

I’ve been working with Kelly and his team since 2013 and have always been impressed with their professionalism and honesty. I know they will give me unbiased advice – advice that will help my business and not him. Our transition from paper to electronic records was a big one, which included new computers throughout the building, hi-tech medical specification with the new EMR program, and HIPPA privacy in the medical field is very important. Kelly's team worked with the EHR team and the computer company we ordered from. He did price comparisons to make sure we were getting the best deal. He even had the computers delivered to his business to program them before bringing them here. Kelly's team was amazing and very patient with members of my team that were resistant to the new system. They answered all of our questions in a timely manner and were even at our practice on the days that we went live with the new computers and with the EMR system. They worked on the weekends so our office did not have to loose revenue. We eventually signed a maintenance agreement with ITS and it is money well spent. I know that they handle what they are their areas of expertise and it leaves me free to handle my busy itinerary. I'm always confident the job they do will be to my satisfaction. We also purchased a new phone system from ITS and his team installed that also. The switch over went very smoothly, with no interruption to our business. If you are looking for a professional, detailed, competent, and honest IT company I would highly recommend ITS.

I have been working for this practice for 31 years and ITS is the most qualified and honest company I have worked with.

Becky C. Manager

I Know That I Can Talk to Someone in a Matter of Seconds

In the last 6 years we've grown from 4 employees to 30 and moved 3 times. ITS has been there every step of the way. Their techs have helped us pick appropriate equipment, fixed our mistakes, responded quickly to emergencies and spent holidays, after hours and weekends making sure we are ready to open the next day. I know that if I have even the "dumbest" question I can talk to someone familiar in a matter of seconds by calling their office. There are so many instances where their advice has contributed to the overall flow and functionality of making our work space as efficient as possible. I can't express what a difference this has made in our day-to-day operations and how much money it saved us in re-wiring or shopping around for equipment. ITS helped us switch to an internet based phone system and worked with me relentlessly to make sure it worked flawlessly even though the issues had nothing to do with them. They don't band-aide problems. Their team does the extra leg-work to figure out why it happened and how to avoid it in the future. They consult with you to ensure your basic tech strategy is up-to-date, safe and secure - this is a must for a medical office like ours. The idea of doing my job without ITS is scary. They've saved us so many times I feel like these guys are a part of my work family. Not only is everyone on staff truly an expert in their field but they are some of the most professional people I've ever dealt with. I recommend ITS to anyone within 100 miles of Scotts Valley whenever I get the chance.

Cori W.


We heavily rely on ITS for our systems support and security. Their customer service is outstanding. We always are able to get prompt responses to our systems questions and issues. Our relationship with ITS gives us piece of mind and allows us to better serve our clients.

Chris W.

Instant Response and Personal Attention

ITS instantly responds to let us know what and when our issue will be handled. They have been there for us in emergencies when we needed immediate help, sending competent skilled technicians so we could get on with our business. They have been supportive through upgrades, coaching our staff when needed. Personal attention really makes a big difference. They talk to us like real people, not like IT people, which makes all the difference in the world, with excellent customer service.

Annie M.

How did I ever manage without them?

They are like finding the perfect mechanic for your car or that one hairstylist that you can't live without.

Gone are the days of having tech issues that cause entire days to be lost and information to never be seen again. Not to mention immediate call-backs that set my mind at ease. They offer so much more than just computer repair and I take full advantage of it.

….there isn’t anything I throw at them that they can’t take care of. I even have them oversee any electronic office changes, even new cell phones and tablets, etc.

The entire staff is top notch. I trust them completely with all of my clients (small to large), and I refer them to everyone I know.

No one else for me!

Joy H.